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It is the child's freedomfrom wisdom that makes it so charming to us; we hate a precociouschild. So women owe their charm, and hence their power, to their"folley," that is, to their obedience to the impulse. But if,perchance, a woman wants to be thought wise, she only succeeds inbeing doubly a fool, as if one should train a cow for theprize-ring, a thing wholly against Nature. A woman will be a woman,no matter what mask she wear, and she ought to be proud of herfolly and make the most of it. Is not Cupid, that first father of all religion, is not he starkblind, that he can not himself distinguish of colors, so he wouldmake us as mope-eyed in judging falsely of all love concerns, andwheedle us into a thinking that we are always in the right? Thusevery Jack sticks to his own Jill; every tinker esteems his owntrull; and the hobnailed suitor prefers Joan the milkmaid beforeany of milady's daughters. These things are true, and areordinarily laughed at, and yet, however ridiculous they seem, it ishence only that all societies receive their cement andconsolidation. Fortune we still find favoring the blunt, and flushing the forward;strokes smooth up fools, crowning all their undertakings withsuccess; but wisdom makes her followers bashful, sneaking andtimorous, and therefore you commonly see that they are reduced tohard shifts; must grapple with poverty, cold and hunger; must lierecluse, despised, and unregarded; while fools roll in money, areadvanced to dignities and offices, and in a word have the wholeworld at command. If any one thinks it happy to be a favorite atcourt, and to manage the disposal of places and preferments, alas,this happiness is so far from being attainable by wisdom, that thevery suspicion of it would put a stop to advancement. Has any man amind to raise himself a good estate? Alas, what dealer in the worldwould ever get a farthing, if he be so wise as to scruple atperjury, blush at a lie, or stick at a fraud and overreaching? It is the public charter of all divines, to mold and bend thesacred oracles till they comply with their own fancy, spreadingthem (as Heaven by its Creator) like a curtain, closing together,or drawing them back, as they please. Thus, indeed, Saint Paulhimself minces and mangles some citations he makes use of, andseems to wrest them to a different sense from what they were firstintended for, as is confessed by the great linguist, Saint Hieron.Thus when that apostle saw at Athens the inscription of the altar,he draws from it an argument for the proof of the Christianreligion; but leaving out great parts of the sentence, whichperhaps if fully recited might have prejudiced his cause, hementions only the last two words, namely, "To the Unknown God"; andthis, too, not without alteration, for the whole inscription runsthus: "To the Gods of Asia, Europe, and Africa, to all Foreign andUnknown Gods." 'T is an imitation of the same pattern, I will warrant you, thatour young divines, by leaving out four or five words in a place andputting a false construction on the rest, can make any passageserviceable to their own purpose; though from the coherence of whatwent before, or follows after, the genuine meaning appears to beeither wide enough, or perhaps quite contradictory to what theywould thrust and impose upon it. In which knack the divines aregrown now so expert that the lawyers themselves begin to be jealousof an encroachment on what was formerly their sole privilege andpractise. And indeed what can they despair of proving, since theforementioned commentator did upon a text of Saint Luke put aninterpretation no more agreeable to the meaning or the place thanone contrary quality is to another. But because it seemed expedient that man, who was born for thetransaction of business, should have so much wisdom as should fitand capacitate him for the discharge of his duty herein, and yetlest such a measure as is requisite for this purpose might provetoo dangerous and fatal, I was advised with for an antidote, andprescribed this infallible receipt of taking a wife, a creature soharmless and silly, and yet so useful and convenient, as mightmollify and make pliable the stiffness and morose humor of man. Nowthat which made Plato doubt under what genus to rank woman, whetheramong brutes or rational creatures, was only meant to denote theextreme stupidness and Folly of that sex, a sex so unalterablysimple that for any one of them to thrust forward and reach at thename of wise, is but to make themselves the more remarkable fools,such an endeavor being but a swimming against the stream, nay, theturning the course of Nature, the bare attempting whereof is asextravagant as the effecting of it is impossible: for as it is atrite proverb, that an ape will be an ape, though clad in purple,so a woman will be a woman, that is, a fool, whatever disguise shetakes up. And yet there is no reason women should take it amiss tobe thus charged, for if they do but rightly consider, they willfind to Folly they are beholden for those endowments wherein theyso far surpass and excel Man; as first for their unparalleledbeauty, by the charm whereof they tyrannize over the greatest oftyrants; for what is it but too great a smatch of wisdom that makesmen so tawny and thick-skinned, so rough and prickly-bearded, likean emblem of winter or old age, while women have such dainty,smooth cheeks, such a low, gentle voice, and so pure a complexion,as if Nature had drawn them for a standing pattern of all symmetryand comeliness? Besides, what greater or juster aim and ambitionhave they than to please their husbands? In order whereunto theygarnish themselves with paint, washes, curls, perfumes, and allother mysteries of ornament; yet, after all, they become acceptableto them only for their Folly. Wives are always allowed their humor,yet it is only in exchange for titillation and pleasure, whichindeed are but other names for Folly; as none can deny, whoconsider how a man must dandle, and kittle, and play a hundredlittle tricks for his helpmate. But now some blood-chilled old men, that are more for wine thanwenching, will pretend that in their opinion the greatest happinessconsists in feasting and drinking. Grant it be so; yet certainly inthe most luxurious entertainments it is Folly must give the sauceand relish to the daintiest delicacies; so that if there be no oneof the guests naturally fool enough to be played upon by the rest,they must procure some comical buffoon, that by his jokes andflouts and blunders shall make the whole company split themselveswith laughing; for to what purpose were it to be stuffed andcrammed with so many dainty bits, savory dishes, and toothsomerarities, if after all this epicurism, the eyes, the ears, and thewhole mind of man, were not so well foisted and relieved withlaughing, jesting, and such like divertisements, which, like secondcourses, serve for the promoting of digestion? And as to all thoseshoeing-horns of drunkenness, the keeping every one his man, thethrowing high jinks, the filling of bumpers, the drinking two in ahand, the beginning of mistresses' healths; and then the roaringout of drunken catches, the calling in a fiddler, the leading outevery one his lady to dance, and such like riotous pastimes--thesewere not taught or dictated by any of the wise men of Greece, butof Gotham rather, being my invention, and by me prescribed as thebest preservative of health: each of which, the more ridiculous itis, the more welcome it finds. And indeed, to jog sleepinglythrough the world, in a dumpish, melancholy posture, can notproperly be said to live.
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Some colleges offer this type of admission, typically used by schools with large numbers of applicants, which means that colleges are continually receiving yukon gold casino applications and making decisions, typically within four to six weeks after application. "Po' lamb! po' lamb! Has dey done killed Aunt Cindy's best blackjack mobile australia players own blessed child? Dealers must be proficient in shuffling the deck, distributing the cards to the players, and, if required by the royal vegas mobile casino login game being dealt, turning up the community cards in the center of the table.

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